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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  August 11, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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. good evening, everybody. welcome to another rousing edition of nissan sports extra. i am dave ross. ahead, the black and red looking for a win in kansas city and tiger loses to win. and we begin with the redskins. whoever they are, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. rg3&impressed the mom, dad, entire family in one swoop, metaphorically speak, of course. he was not the only one to have people gushing at first plant. as a matter of fact, maybe the biggest surprise of preseason game one was not rg threes ' -- 3s play at all and that is
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because we expected him to play well. and richard crawford is turning heads with his play and seconds before the end of the first half on thursday and he was not big there. he was big in the kicks game and with three punts for a total of two affords -- yards and he was pleased with the team's defensive effort and humble in trying to play for a roster spot. >> i made mistakes and play and i did well. >> and when i win the game, i was nervous and [ indiscernible ] >> and pierre garcone. going to the field for the first time. and 20-yards to the house and right there.
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he joins the skins after a five- year stint in indianapolis and with that five-year, $42 million contract. the screen pass is for robert griffin 3. it has some people slipping out. >> and it was a little adrenaline rush. no injuries or anything and it was fun while it lasted. >> the coach didn't say anything about it and i guess we're relieved with the play and i don't think that they realize that. >> tonight, the nats look for win number 71 in arizona tonight and with that 19-year- old bryce harper was not in the starting lineup. he did -- and struck out. the top of the 5th, the nats down by 3 and they rally.
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zimmerman is there. and here comes espinosa and that is gone and tied up at 4 and the next batter is michael morse and where's off there and into that play. and so, michael morris is into that mode. the next pitch, base hit and trots on in. the nine-game hitting streak and the nats with 5 in the fifth and led 6-4 at that point and they're in the ninth, claiming to a 6-5 lead. and it was pouring in baltimore. a lot of people on hand because it was eddie murray night. they're all there to honor the former oriole great and with that play. deep to left and just like that, 1-0 and in to the second. homers for the second straight
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night and with 3-0 at that point. and the nets, they did hold on to win 6-5 in arizona. coming up, tiger woods out of the beach and on to the green s. he still in contention at the pga? stick around to find out. find
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. welcome back to the show and today began the third round of the last golf major of the year, the pga championship at kiowa island in south carolina and tiger woods tied for the lead. the second most in the history of golf, getting number 15 is getting harder and harder to come by. and with one major to his credit and began two shots back and with the first seven holes. and watch this. this is more multiples than the birdies on 3 and the t shot. that comes down or is it? see the rotted out tree, had -- and i would say that is unplayable and in the hole. and 6-under through 9 holes. the lefty on eight and going to
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ratel this one in for the first birdie of his day and won over through 11 homes. the top of the lead, a chance of birdie on 2 and no. he's visibly frustrated like that and this is on three for birdie. tiger, keep it together. keep it together there and with some more issues with the t on four and that is the shot tracker and into the gallery. he hits somebody. what do you get? you autograph the gloves and give it to the fan and tiger is 3-over today, 1-under through seven and five off of the lead. and adam scott, who gagged him on the the -- at the accomplish it -- british open and with
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that 5-under through 9. the lightning came and that -- scared of a horn, i say. the third round resumes tomorrow morning at sun45:00 and some sox. taking on kansas city. 13th minute and with that header, up 1-0 and here come the pack in red and with that long ball and a fortunate bounce and punches it in, all tied up. in the second half, oh, oh, and that is coming across and has him. and 2-1, going on to win by the same score and d.c. is in fourth place in the eastern conference. coming up, why the redskins best player of the preseason opener against the bills could
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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. . welcome back to the show. the preseason opener was almost perfect. and they put it back in the end of the garage. one truck may have blown a
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tiger. the third series for rg3 and company and watch the tackle, with trent williams in front. he gets stepped on and garcone scores and take another look closely here, suffering a bruceed left lip and forced to leave the game and right now, he's day-to-day and the status is in doubt and played left tackle with the first unit and transactions. this is the head coach on his injuries. >> and you're always disappointed when someone goes down. but it's the nature of the game and that is why i need doubt. >> we got the few in the draft and creating a free agency. we have more death than a -- depth than a year ago. >> and he's going to be okay. thanks for watching sports extra. my thanks to rich dunn and for
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putting a show together. have a great rest of the night, everybody. see you on monday. u on mony.


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